Birgit Wahl-Peters – graduate translator for English and Spanish

Medical and pharmaceutical translations

(English-German / German-English / Spanish-German)

Your translation projects for medicine, pharmaceutics, medical engineering and medical market research are in good hands with me. You benefit not only from my excellent language skills but also from my expertise and long-term experience as a medical translator that I have gathered during more than 20 years of freelancing.

Customised services

Every single translation has its own demands, linguistic and content-related particularities and different objectives. You decide on the scope of the translation services: whether you need a ready-to-publish, high-quality and proof-read translation product or a speedy and less expensive translation just for your information.

Insights into my “workshop”

Thoughts about the translation business

If I were a furniture designer, I’d walk you round my workshop to show you all the beautiful tables and chairs and banks and sideboards I’ve made. And although this would be no more than a virtual round, you’d get a sound impression of my carpentry work and how nice the finished products look. You’d get an idea of the various steps a product needs to go through until it is finished and shining and you’d admire the dark cherrytree wood your new desk would be made of.

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