Ten reasons…

Ten reasons why I’m your translator of choice…

You are looking for a language service provider who takes best care of your documents from the fields of medicine, pharmaceutics, medical engineering and medical market research, i.e. one who

  • is not only an experienced professional in medical and pharmaceutical translation but is also a professional when it comes to organising his/her workflow and scheduling his/her projects to deliver in time;
  • can be reached directly and without delay via phone, e-mail or fax; and
  • is the only contact person for your project with all responsibilities?

If your answer to these questions is “Yes”, I’m your translator!

For many years I have gathered experience and knowledge in the world of medical translation. My numerous clients appreciate my expertise and accuracy even when handling larger-scale translation projects and they decided that I am their translator of choice. And I have learned what they need and desire.

These are the ten reasons why I’m your translator:

Language skills and medical/pharmaceutical expertise:

Being your specialist for medical and pharmaceutical translations in English or Spanish and German, I provide you with high-quality translations of your documents from the fields of medicine, pharmaceutics, medical engineering or medical market research that are adapted in style to your source texts. My clients appreciate that even little discrepancies in the source text cannot escape my good eye. Please click here for further information about the translation services I offer.

Speedy channel of communication – fast replies:

I answer your e-mails and calls immediately. In the case that I’m out of office, my answering machine is ready to record your message and I’ll call you back as soon as I’ve returned to my desk. Please click here to contact me.

One contact person – no responsibility issues:

I’m your only contact person and you can be sure that I (or my AM) will answer the phone when you call my number. There’s no “… is not available”, “… is on holidays”, “… is out for lunch”. No stressful chasing a competent person. And your request is my top concern.

Competence and consistency:

Please ask me what procedure would be best (and best priced) for your project.

Unless otherwise agreed, I’ll be the one who translates your documents. You don’t have to fear inconsistencies in style or terminology that might occur if translations are given out to some other translator(s).

Saved time and met deadlines:

Thanks to the high quality of my translations you save processing time. If you have any queries, I’ll answer them in no time.

The agreed deadline has come, but not the translation which must be processed and forwarded as soon as possible? – Trust me, this won’t happen with me! Since I started medical translation in 1995 I’ve never delivered late and I’m proud of that. Should I ever have the bad luck that something goes totally wrong and I cannot deliver in time, I’d let you know as soon as possible and discuss how to solve the problem best.

Reasonable rates:

I’ve calculated my rates reasonably. Please click here for my word, line and hourly rates.

I do not support the discounts-over-discounts business. That’s not reasonable business management. The discounts given have frequently been added before. That’s no more than an eyewash and no real reduction. And: good work has its price.

I don’t give quantity discounts either. But I offer to charge the rate that is best for you (by word/line vs. by hour). Please click here to read more about discounts.


I assert you that I will keep all agreements we made, be it style requirements or other extras or just the in-time-delivery. I prefer to have pleasant, trouble-free, productive business relationships.


You can send your projects in a number of file formats to have them translated/edited/otherwise processed. But please note that conversion time will be charged in case of file formats that cannot be edited (e.g. for the conversion of PDF files into MS Word).

Updates at best price:

Your updates of previously translated documents will be charged at best price. Please click here for further information about my translation rates.


I know the importance of confidentiality and secrecy for a business relationship. Don’t worry: I will treat your documents with strict confidentiality.